Can nuclear codes be safe in the hands of Donald Trump?

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One of the biggest questions in the minds of most of the people is if Trump can be trusted considering some of the things he says he will do. Some people think Trump is so quick to make decisions such that trusting him with very delicate issues like nuclear codes is putting not only the country but also the world in danger.

Vice president Joe Biden has always said that Trump can never be trusted with the nuclear codes. There are always accusations that Trump talks are playing in the hands of terrorists and he is likely to make America have more enemies.

Trump has always been accused of propagating for ideas that are considered un-American. Issues such as favoring Putin has always been criticized by most people. There is also the issue of Trump giving praise to Saddam Hussein who was considered to be a very big dictator.

The question of whether Trump will be able to execute some of these things he is saying in the campaigns is something that can only be speculated on. With his inexperience in foreign management, Trump will have to change most of the things Obama has done during his eight years of stay for him to be able to implement some of these things he is saying.

The United States of America is one country known for its nuclear weapon power and people have argued if it is something to consider when electing the next president. Giving Trump the nuclear codes when he has said before that he might use them when necessary is a risky move that some of his opponents think should never be allowed to happen.

Biden has been campaigning so hard for the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the recent weeks making a joint appearance with Clinton in august.

With the stand that Trump has been talking about, very many world leaders will feel uncomfortable working with him. It is, however, good to point out that trump is one person who does not admit failure. People have to be prepared that some of these things he is talking about are likely to be implemented if he takes office.

The big question that most people will ask if Trump provides danger to the Americans or only to the other countries of the world. With the growing insecurity in the world, some of the most conservative Americans would not mind a radical president provided they are assured of safety in their homes and country.

Whichever side a person supports, it is likely that you will agree on the issue of trump handling the nuclear codes. Whether this issue is just a matter of playing politics or if truly Trump is a threat to the world security is something that can only be proven if he goes on to be sworn in as the next president of united states of America.

Looking at the way Joe Biden has addressed the issue of nuclear codes being given to Mr. Trump, we can guess that this might form one of the campaign issues that will be discussed in the coming days. If they feel he shouldn't handle the codes then they need not vote for him.

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